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Female German voice over artist

Voice - how much imagination and excitement lies within this word. To transform the warmth, power and intensity of the words written on paper to the sounds coming out of your speakers, is an art - the art of voice over . In order to make a craft out of the talent of speaking, it not only needs an interesting voice but an understanding of the text, to get into it and to play with it. Very often the true challenge lies within interpreting complex and non-fictional texts, to produce easy-to-listen-to audio.

A couple of years ago I started working as a self-employed voice over artist after working for a localisation agency for two years. Since then I have worked as a voice over for many different projects, e.g. radio spots, tv voiceover and commercials, voices for education and e-learning, manuals, dubbing, phone prompts, internet tv, etc.

Professional audio recording

The audio recording can be done on short notice and can be reliably implemented. My own recording studio makes recording your audio file easy and guarantees audio of the highest quality.

Audio / voice recording — direct to your desk: recorded, edited and converted into the audio format you need, delivered to you via ftp, ready for download from my server or via "you send it". This is the service offered here.

Audio / voice recordings that fit your budget, ready for immediate use and on short notice.

To get your custom demo please send an email with your text to:

"A human being is communicating on many levels and sometimes even speaks." - Ray L. Birdwhistell

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